• ​​Public safety is a paramount duty of county government and a concern for residents across Mason County.
  • We must address critical safety issues including increased levels of property crime, epidemic-level heroin abuse and high rates of repeat criminal offenses.
  • We need to provide the necessary resources to our first responders so they can do their jobs safely and efficiently. 
  • I am grateful for the men and women who put their lives on the line for this community. Working together, we can make Mason County's communities and neighborhoods safer for our families and visitors.

​Affordable Housing.

I'm running for commissioner because I believe with the right leadership we can revitalize our economy, strengthen public safety and empower our residents to meet the needs of our community. I am proud to call Mason County home, and I am committed to being a full-time advocate for the people of our community.

The time has come for us to make Mason County a leader regionally and a competitor across Washington."

Economic Opportunity

  • More than 50 percent of Mason County residents work outside the county. We need to stop exporting our most valuable asset – our people – by expanding economic opportunity here at home.​
  • Economic development doesn’t mean we abandon our rural character or responsibility to conserve our natural environment. It means we should seek partnerships to foster economic opportunities for all residents.
  • I will work to improve access to training and education opportunities to help people strengthen their skills and provide upward mobility in the economy. 
  • Housing is a cornerstone of the economy. A strong housing market is key to revitalizing Mason County’s local economy.  
  • Many people in our community struggle to find affordable housing, and homelessness is a serious problem across the county. We must connect people to the resources they need to have safe, affordable housing options.
  • We can address these issues by having planning policies in place that are flexible and fair and allow for smart growth in our communities. 
  • ​I will listen to residents and families across Mason County to develop solutions that meet the housing needs of today and tomorrow. 

Public Safety.